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Justice prevails-with a huge push from the people

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Bangladesh’s high court ordered the government to remove police officers blocking the public’s access to the CROSSFIRE exhibition at Drik Gallery in Dhaka.

Here is Drik’s Managing Director (and creator of the images) Shahidul Alam’s statement:

Government lawyers confirmed to the Vacation Bench of the High Court today that the police deployed in front of the DRIK Gallery had been withdrawn and that there would be no obstruction to the exhibition from now on.

This is a victory on many fronts. The right of Bangladeshi people to be informed, the rights of artists and media professionals to speak out, and the citizens’ right to protest against injustice, are all important factors, but the fact that the judiciary can stand up to the government gives renewed hope to a people fighting to establish the rule of law. It happened because the nation was united in protest, and that protest
against all forms of injustice must continue.

Thank you all for your magnificent support.


See also Media Helping Media, which has been on top of the story.



Written by bxpnyc

2010/03/31 at 09:40

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