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Anchorage International Film Festival, Day 2

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Today was the first full day of activities and films. Charles Burnett did a workshop in the early afternoon, “Reality and Entertainment: Bridging the Real World with Movie Magic,” and screened scenes from his 2007 film Namibia: The Struggle for Liberation. Roughly two dozens folks assembled in the very chilly Out North Gallery for Burnett’s relaxed, stream-of-consciousness presentation.

I spent a chunk of the afternoon at the AIFF hospitality suite, mostly looking out the window.

The Estonian feature The Temptation of St. Tony screened at the Bear Tooth this PM. Beautifully shot, absurd and absurdist, Felliniesque, surreal and kind of gross in spots, it’s described on the website as “the most stupendous and bone-chilling tragedy about the agony and decline of one middle-level manager.” That’ll do, I suppose. (Watch the trailer for further confusion.) Lead actor Taavi Eelmaa introduced the film and Q&Aed after. A fine day.

Actor Taavi Eelmaa after the screening of The Temptation of St. Tony


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2010/12/05 at 05:23

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