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Anchorage International Film Festival, FINAL

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I returned from Anchorage this weekend jet-lagged six ways to Sunday—and it was only Saturday—but also thrilled by the reception I got at the festival, in town, all over.

The second screening drew a good crowd on a snowy Friday night—young folk, not-so-young folk, several veterans, and other filmmakers. Christina Yao, Erik Knudsen, Elias Matar, plus Robert Crosby and his director of photography Diego Madrigal, and others showed up. The Q&A was as intense (and longer) than at the December 5 screening.

Some great news followed me home: Full Disclosure won Honorable Mention in the Documentary and Audience Choice Award competitions. There were loads of folks pushing for me, among them the tireless festival blogger/University of Alaska–Anchorage professor emeritus Steve Aufrecht; Shannyn Moore, who interviewed me on her TV show Moore Up North and her eponymous radio show within in a 24-hour time span; and Moore’s producer/partner Kelly Walters. Heaps of thanks to the judges and audience members.

Taping of Moore Up North, The Taproot, December 9, 2010

For those in Anchorage (and even Wasilla) who missed it, Full Disclosure screens again in the Best of the Fest, Tuesday at 8PM, at the Bear Tooth.


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  1. I’m the mother of LCPL Vincent Sullivan – the picture you didn’t take. I’m sending this message on what would be his 30th birthday. I thank you for listening to your human heart instead of your journalist mind. He would not want the world to see pictures of h im mortally wounded or dying. This is such a personal, vulnerable moment – not a public one. Whether you realize it or not – yet – you did the right thing. His life is open for review. The moment of his death is personal. I’m grateful for Ricky and Steve, who were there with him. I’m also grateful that pictures of his death are NOT on the internet.

    Suew Sullivan

    2010/12/15 at 19:13

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