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“If we occupied you…?”

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Below is a short clip that I shot during a 2006 operation in Anbar with Bravo Company, First Battalion/Second Marine Regiment. During a sweep for illegal weapons and anti-US forces outside the city of Hit, 3rd Platoon encountered a young, English-speaking Iraqi man named Omar, who asked them, among others things, “If we occupied you, what is your reaction?”

It’s an amazing exchange that’s part of a surreal conversation, which touched on American pop music, from Britney to Kanye West, Shakespeare, and the politics of race in the US. More to come…

The next video I’ll upload is a US Navy “Combat Stress” video that I watched with troops at al Asad airbase, also in 2006, as 1/2 was preparing to redeploy from Iraq to the US. I obtained a copy through the Freedom of Information Act.

And may I also add: Please keep voting for Full Disclosure as one the Documentary Channel’s Best Docs of 2011.

Finally: Reidar Veisser, one of the sharpest Iraq analysts writing in English, describes the state of the State of Iraq on the eve of the US military pullout in an NY Times opinion piece. It’s worth a read.


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