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Another Brian Palmer’s Take on the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman Case

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The Brian Palmer who writes for Slate posted a 5/18 piece titled “Punched to Death,” which discusses the Trayvon Martin case in a problematic context: “How easy is it to kill a man with your bare hands?” In the lede, the other BP cites a recent report: “The new information may bolster George Zimmerman’s argument that the two men were locked in combat, and Zimmerman shot the unarmed teenager to protect his own life.”

This is incomplete and misleading information. It’s also bad editorializing. Additional information from the Office of the Medical Examiner, Florida Districts 7 & 24 reveals an as yet unresolved contradiction: The March 15, 2012 report states that the fatal shot was fired from “intermediate range.” USA Today quotes defense attorney and University of Florida law prof Michelle Jacobs: “‘[Zimmerman] may have gotten injuries, but it could have been because it was Trayvon Martin who feared he was at risk of death or serious bodily injury,'” Jacobs said. “‘The injuries themselves do not tell us anything about who initiated the contact. And that’s what the case will hinge on.'” Indeed.

Journalists should report both sides of a story. Period. Also, they should not place such a volatile story in such a context.

I would respond to OBP’s Slate item in the comments section, but the level of debate ranges from sober to racist. Rather not get mixed up in it. Friends and colleagues feel free to mix it up.


Written by bxpnyc

2012/05/22 at 13:06

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  1. The saddest commentary (about this country) is that virtually everybody knows what happened…. fred

    fred jerome

    2012/05/25 at 20:09

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