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Photo: Bethel vs. Heritage, September 26, 2013

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Hampton VA--Fort Monroe scenics; Chesapeake Bay; Darling Stadium football

Army JROTC at football game, Darling Stadium, Hampton, VA

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  1. Very moving, and I’m not sure why. Is it the beauty of youth, the admirable discipline of the military, combined with the terror induced by seeing youth in uniform, who are to a degree being trained into nationalism and patriotism, perhaps to thereby be used an instrument of violence in unjust wars?

    Phil Neisser

    2013/09/28 at 17:35

    • You pretty much nail my reaction to situation. I understand the role(s) of the military in our society as well as its misuses for particular political (and economic) ends dressed up as national security. We all know kids from families with a military lineage; folks who enter the service to seek opportunities unavailable to them because of their backgrounds; those who seek discipline and focus; and people who want to serve the nation. (Often some or all of the above.) But the craven and cynical sacrifice, in my view, of American women and men—and the people in the countries they are deployed to—by our political leaders is always fresh in my brain.


      2013/09/29 at 17:17

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